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The "Procanico" white superior is a rinomated wine, delicious with fish dishes, from the omonimus grapes, a variety of the Trebbiano of Tuscany.

It has a pale yellow colour, dry, welll tasting ,alcoholic. The "San Gioveto" is a good wine with grilled meat dishes. Ruby-red, dry with a fine caracteristic taste.

The "Rosato", delicate taste and pale rose colour, very good as aperitive and with fried fish.

The "Elba bianco" and "Elba rosso" famous D.O.C. wines, there are very good desserts wines: l"Aleatico" of Portoferraio, with a very fine and penetrating taste, a deep ruby-red colour, mild and thick. The raisin version is the pride of the oenology of Elba.

The "Moscato" is also one of the most precious dessert wines , with a sweet scent and agreable taste, a yellow golden colour. The "Ansonica", dessert wine, yellow colour.

In this brief description it is not to neglet that exept the excellent qualities, all this wines have a high concentration of iron, phosphor and a specific natulal radio-activity.




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